European Toyota Corolla Hatch Spotted In Phoenix

We love when readers send in their own spy photos, whether from a cameraphone, point-and-shoot or DSLR. OK, that's a lie — we absolutely prefer DSLR. But we digress. Automakers in the Phoenix, Arizona area better beware as Josh (who also grabbed the left-hand-drive Nissan GT-R) has spotted yet another out-of-place Japanese car wandering the streets. This time it's the Toyota Auris, which is the European five-door Toyota Corolla hatchback. A five-door Corolla testing in the desert, in winter, with Michigan manny plates, you say?


We've got some theories as to what's going on, but none of them are good enough to print (and at least three involve Charles Barkley). Does anyone out there have a good theory? (Hat tip to Josh!)

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