Esports Commentator Finds Stolen BMW E46 M3 Race Car With $15,000 In Spare Parts Missing

Photo credit: Kevin Doubleday
Photo credit: Kevin Doubleday

After about two weeks of searching and a lot of sad tweets, Canadian esports commentator Matthew Trivett found the custom BMW E46 M3 GT3 race car he said was stolen in Nova Scotia. He tweeted that he got the car back Wednesday, not in perfect condition and minus about $15,000 in spare parts and tools.


Trivett said the car went missing from Vantage Motors in Truro, Nova Scotia when a black vehicle hooked up its race trailer and took off in the middle of the night. Trivett, who goes by “Sadokist” amongst gamers, told Jalopnik he was offering a reward of $10,000 Canadian to anyone who could give information that led to its return, which was about $7,700 in U.S. dollars at the time.

The theft happened about a month after Trivett finished the months-long build on it, and about a month after his first real race in it. He said in a Facebook post that he thought it might have been a targeted hit, but wasn’t sure.


The Truro Daily News reported Wednesday that the car, which the outlet said to be worth about $100,000, had been found in an isolated area near Nine Mile River in Nova Scotia. That’s about 40 minutes away from where it went missing, and the Truro Daily News reports that an investigation is underway. The $15,000 in parts missing that he tweeted about, presumably, is in Canadian dollars.

Jalopnik reached out to Trivett about the reported finding of the car, and he said the report was “NOT confirmed yet” and that the articles weren’t supposed to be live. Trivett said to give him about two hours, but tweeted this about three minutes later:

Well, that pretty much confirms it. Trivett told Jalopnik a few minutes later that he’s celebrating being reunited with the car, $15,000 gone and all.


Back to frolicking around the race track this little BMW goes. All (well, most) is right in the world.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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Bill Caswell

I don’t know the guy and maybe he’s awesome, but everything in my gut tells me this is insurance fraud....

Guy builds $100k car. Races it once. Randomly gets stolen but with no evidence. Guy offers $10k reward to show how serious he is about finding it but knows its in his friends garage and won’t have to pay. Car comes back perfect, but minus $15k in parts and tools. Guy files insurance claim and keeps racing his $100k car...