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After a months-long build to make his BMW E46 M3 into a custom GT3 race car, Canadian esports commentator Matthew Trivett shared a video of his “first full race” in the car on May 30. But just over a month after that, he claims the car was stolen along with his race trailer overnight.

Trivett posted about the alleged theft on Saturday morning, sharing a photo of a black van appearing to take off with it on Facebook. He claims that the car and its enclosed trailer were stolen from Canada’s Vantage Motors in Truro, Nova Scotia, and offered rewards for any information that leads to its return. Trivett said in the post that he suspects the alleged theft to have been a targeted hit.


The post said the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are involved, but there are no press releases or published reports about the car on either its website or that of the Truro police. Here’s all of the information Trivett shared:

After confusion about what the trailer looked like, a friend of Trivett’s and his race photographer singled out the car and trailer involved in the alleged theft:


Trivett, known as “Sadokist” among gamers, raced the M3 in the TRAC Series, a Canadian road-racing series that hosts five classes of sedans and sports cars. He’s posted several clips of on-board footage on YouTube since he got the M3 on track, which was only a short time ago.

The alleged theft happened just a few days after his first overall win in the car, which a company partner joked needed some lead weight stashed inside for the month of July.


But if he can’t get the car back—as a whole, at that—Trivett may not get to race it at all in July. If you have any information on the car’s whereabouts, Trivett is active on his personal and public Facebook pages, his Twitter account, and there’s a contact number in the Facebook post embedded above.

Update, July 2 at 11:45 a.m. ET: Trivett emailed Jalopnik to say that he’ll be offering a reward of $10,000 Canadian to anyone who passes on information that leads to the return of his car, which, at current exchange rates, is $7,713.97 in U.S. dollars.

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