Epic Win For Audi At WEC Opener At Silverstone

Formula One may have been a bit of a snoozefest today, but the real action was at Silverstone Circuit where Audi took home a season-opening win after a dramatic fight with Porsche.


While Porsche seized the pole during Saturday's qualifying, it was their corporate cousins over at Audi who emerged victorious in the flagship LMP1 class.

Marcel Fassler in the no. 7 car fought off Porsche and Toyota in the final moments of the race, securing a fairly narrow 4.6-second victory after six hours of racing.

That had to be a disappointment for Porsche, whose driver no. 17 driver Mark Webber — who came to WEC from an increasingly unpopular spec series — had to retire after just 90 minutes thanks to a drivetrain issue, as NBC Sports reports. Meanwhile, the Toyota cars finished third and fourth.

What were your favorite moments from today's WEC race, and how do you see the rest of the season going?


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