Enzyme Cocktail Turns Starch Into Hydrogen To Fuel Your Hoopty!

According to the folks at New Scientist, the bunson-burner jockeys over at Virginia Tech have cooked up a stew of thirteen enzymes (extracted from sources such as plants, rabbits, bacteria and yeast) that can be added to a starch-water mixture and yields hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide was sucked out of the air during the formation of the starch, so it's a carbon-neutral deal; VA Tech researcher Y-H Percival Zhang says he can make hydrogen for $8.00 per four kilograms. What we want to know is: what kind of compression ratio can you run with hydrogen? If it's under 15:1, we're gonna hold out for Mr. Fusion.

Starch diet could power car of the future [New Scientist]

Honda Hydrogen FCX Coming in 2008! [internal]


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