Fortunately for all of us, there are many that share missing him, including many people more talented in the visual arts than I could dream of being. Robert Alblas is one of those artists. A videographer hailing from the Netherlands, his work has stunned me for years, and every time a car enthusiast friend and I hit Youtube for a night of automotive entertainment, his work is usually the first I show. His work is what I would consider my favorite parts of Petrolicious to be - fantastic audio, gorgeous shots, and no talking.


I take a lot of photos and have tried repeatedly to break into video production, assuming at least some of the skills are transferable, only to give up each time when the sheer investment of hours and equipment required become altogether too daunting. To see a demo video produced simply for the sake of showcasing a dream car and the man behind it with this level of absurd quality, planning, and effort is absolutely stunning.