Enjoy Winter Driving Perfection At Sno*Drift Rally 2015

As the snow falls outside, let's take a minute and revel in the perfection of AWD rally cars slaying sideways at this past weekend's Sno*Drift Rally in Michigan.


This was the opener of the 2015 Rally America season and it was handily dominated by the new 2015 Subaru WRX STI from Vermont Sports Car. This thing is more powerful than any AWD car in the WRC, if you're curious. Here's some great onboard of Higgins and Drew on the final stage of the rally.

Watch these great recap videos for more snow sliding. Shout out to Cameron Steely for running his locking-diff-equipped Fiesta on three good tires and shout out to Jalopnik's superfriend rally navigator extraordinaire Dusty Ventures codriving in the super amazing light blue Subaru Impreza wagon of Ryan Wilcox. Dig that roof rack, dude.

Can't wait to see more from this season. Now more people just need to get faster and really start challenging the top Scoobie!

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Wayne Andrews the Bee Keeper

My second year spectating this event and it was still great. Of equal importance is that someone watching the rally was cruising down the back roads in a this F Type. My buddy just grabbed a couple shots without looking out the window on our way out of Camp 8.