Illustration for article titled Enjoy The Only Christian/Sci-Fi Themed Animated Drivers Ed Movie Ever

Driver's Ed movies are usually one of two things: gory or boring. Generally, they usually aren't charming, gently Methodist-tinted stories of the adventures of car-like beings from another planet. Generally. But that's not the case with Stop Driving Us Crazy.

I'm pretty sure this is the only Methodist/Sci-Fi/Driver's Ed in the history of humankind, and that alone right there should make it worth the nine minutes. Plus, that animation is pretty mid-century-moderntastic. And if you're worried about being proselytized to, don't worry. This is much more of the let's be nice to everyone school of Christian-themed films and less of the you'll all go to hell if you don't think exactly this school.


Enjoy. It's bonkers.


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