Engine Of The Day: Ford (Yamaha) SHO V6

It seems that at least a couple of Taurus SHOs show up to any given 24 Hours Of LeMons race, so I've become quite familiar with the sound of this engine at full scream.


I've also become quite familiar with the sound of exhausted SHO mechanics screaming as they flay all the skin off their knuckles during the inevitable all-night wrenchathons that take place whenever this engine hits the race track. It's totally worth it, though, because this Yamaha-built DOHC V6 was an engineering masterpiece of its time and still looks and sounds incredibly good. 220 naturally aspirated horses out of 3.0 liters may not sound terribly impressive these days, but it was flat-out amazing back in the late 1980s. Ford originally hired Yamaha to design and build this engine for a mid-engined sports car, but- apparently taking a lesson from their main rival's experience with the Fiero- Ford cancelled that car and started looking around for some other recipient for their new powerplant. The Taurus got the honor, but imagine how things might have been different with the SHO V6 in, say, the Merkur XR4Ti? Yamaha designed it for transverse or longitudinal mounting, so why not?


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