End Of LeMons South Day One: RX-7 On Top!

At last report, the Beertech BMW 318i was leading the race, and a bunch of other Bavarians were close behind. Now that the dust has settled and all the cars are back in the pits getting pounded into shape for tomorrow, we find the BMWs have been shoved aside by a rotary: the Team She Got It All Mazda RX-7. The Malt Liquor Tech Racing BMW 325e holds the second-place spot, and the Punisher Racing Chevy Caprice is in third. Hmmm... maybe we shouldn't have believed those Caprice guys when they said they had a stock LT1 in that rolling monument to iron oxide. Make the jump to see a blurry photo of the list of top finishers... and be sure to come back tomorrow for the balls-more-to-wall action of LeMons South Day Two!


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