We're a few hours into the 24 Hours of LeMons South, and the lap leader is a team that had a really good story during the Bullshit Inspection phase... so good, in fact, that we dinged them just a single lap. We gave out a one-lap BS Penalty when we knew a team had cheated on the $500 limit in some manner, but we couldn't quite figure out exactly how. The Beertech guys had a story about how they got a '91 BMW so cheap, and we could smell the lies... but in the end we finally let them get by with their symbolic penalty- after all, what chance does a 4-banger BMW have with all those big Bavarian sixes out there?

You fans of Swedish steel can rejoice, because the second-place car is a Saab 900 Turbo. Yes, those guys from Saabs Gone Wild had us believing their tales about what a hopeless rustbucket they had the misfortune to be driving and we gave them zero penalty laps. Let's see if that fickle, force-fed akvavit-burner can keep it up for two long days of racing!