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Elon Musk Wants To Invade Our Rest Stops With Supercharged Aliens

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Just a bit ago, Elon Musk entwitenated a tweet that got us all thinking about what this guy's up to now. This one is full of all kinds of possibility:

Tesla Supercharger? Alien ships? Rest stops? This can be one of four things:

• Elon Musk received a head blow and now believes supercharging technology will work on an electric motor.


• Elon Musk was caught doing something unseemly at a rest stop and this is an elaborate, desperate cover story.

• Elon Musk finally got his Speak-and-Spell based interstellar faster-than-light communications rig working and his people are coming to being him home. He'll meet them at a rest stop.


• There's going to be Tesla charging stations at rest stops, and they'll look, you know, like spaceships.

My money's on... well, all of them. But maybe the last one. It beats the second one since he never responds to the messages I leave him on the walls of rest stop bathrooms.

I guess we'll see in ten days or so. If it is that rest stops will have Tesla (or possibly generic electric car) charging stations, that would be a big deal for making electric cars much more viable for long trips. The key will be how quickly they can charge a car, of course. I'm not really sure how long an average stop is at a rest stop. I'm inclined to think it's short, since when you run into the bathroom, you're usually holding your breath to avoid the moist wall of urine-stink that permeates everything in there.

I'd say the magic number would be 30 mins, tops. 15 would be better, but I bet an electric car owner may be willing to accept a 30 minute break to charge.


And if they're going to look like landed alien spaceships, then even better. It'll finally make it feel like we're living in the future. Oh, and would it kill him to throw a couple 110V outlets in there, and maybe some 5V USB sockets? I mean, why not, right?