Elon Musk Is Having A Hyperloop Competition This Weekend

Photo Credit: SpaceX via Twitter

Clearly SpaceX engineers are living in an alternate timeline. This weekend, the company is hosting its first Hyperloop Pod Competition.


It appears the competition will consist of getting down a roughly three-quarter mile-long vacuum tube in LA without dying. At least, that’s how I would qualify a success in this venture. More than a thousand students are expected to come out and compete in the event, as SpaceX told The Daily Breeze recently.

Elon doesn’t exactly say that people will be riding in the tubes, just that they are “big enough to fit people.” But let’s just assume there are some tube monkeys in there anyway, for sport.

You can read the full details of the competition here on the SpaceX website, and know that Elon plans a second round in the summer. I can only assume that’s contingent on nobody ripping a hole into another universe, or disrupting an inter-dimensional string.

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