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Egyptian President Rolls Out 2.5 Mile Red Carpet For His Motorcade

Illustration for article titled Egyptian President Rolls Out 2.5 Mile Red Carpet For His Motorcade

The people of Egypt are furious that their president (who is currently preaching for fiscal responsibility) rolled out a 2.5 mile-long red carpet for his car.


President Abdel-Fatah al-Sisi deployed the four kilometer-long carpet today to open, of all things, a public housing project. Seriously, this is a big carpet.


Needless to say, the people of Egypt are furious, and one newspaper devoted much of it front page to covering the almost comically out-of-touch demonstration of state wealth, as The Guardian reports. Another paper led with the headline, “How is the president asking us to tighten our belts while the 4km red carpet says otherwise?”

The state countered the media outrage by sending a Brigadier General to several talk shows, explaining that the carpet is over three years old, and that it “gives a kind of joy and assurance to the Egyptian citizen that our people and our land and our armed forces are always capable of organizing anything in a proper manner.”

Photo Credit: AP/Uncredited via The Guardian


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Urambo Tauro

What a coincidence, my truck also has a 4k redline.