Edo Competition Tuned Ferrari Enzo Is No Fierrari Enzno

Yesterday we told you all about the greatest Fierrari Enzno ever built, a piece of kit with such attention to detail it would make a Swiss watchmaker weep. Today we pick up on another niche coachbuilder following in the footsteps of the Fierrari, Edo Competition. Despite starting off with an actual Enzo instead of a Pontiac Fiero, Edo totally falls flat when compared to the magic of the Enzno. In-depth analysis below the fold.


We think it's fairly clear by these glaring faults that Edo has a lot of work to do, and we didn't even jump into some of the more disappointing details down the sides. Seriously, the Enzo is a good start and all, but pumping up a tepid car to a meager 700 HP, dropping carbon fiber bits all over the place, adding an adjustable suspension and quicker shift points is just totally phoning it in. [Edo Competition via World Car Fans]

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