The Greatest Fierrari Enzno Ever Sold

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We've seen a lot of Fierraris lately, hopefully the world runs out of Fieros eventually so we aren't subjected to the ongoing night terrors they induce, but this one is particularly brash. This p**sy magnet yellow Fierrari Enzno is perhaps the finest example of the breed, complete with crooked, off-brand Ferrari prancing horse logos, four off-kilter exhaust tips, pop-up DVD player, brilliantly executed engine-cover-mounted TV antenna, luxurious APC racing seats... the list goes on and on. The best part is this car's claim to fame.


According to the seller, this car was featured in the obviously well known motion picture "13 million," a movie we all remember fondly (never mind that even IMDB has never heard of it). We just can't get over how spectacular this thing is put together. Is it possible for a car to be so bad it crosses the line into greatness? The answer is yes. (Thanks Henry) [eBay listing]

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Rob Emslie

Geez, the first thing that comes to mind is "epileptic-seizure inducing looks." I wouldn't be surprised if baby birds fell dead from their nests as this thing rolls by. I mean, there's not enough gold chains and silk shirts in the world to do justice to this testament to tastelessness. If there is a hell for Fieros, where the damned suffer for eternity, this is what it looks like.