In tough times, a buff book needs a man with a plan to make readers love cars again. That's why Jalopnik reiterates its support for former MPHer Eddie Alterman for Car & Driver Editor-in-Chief.

After yesterday's resignation of long-time Car & Driver chieftain Csaba Csere, it's important we get someone in the job of Editor-in-Chief over there who can help save the buffest of auto buff books, someone who can merge what car lovers want to read with what car engineers want to write. Most importantly, someone who can make us want to again read Car & Driver β€” and not just for the tiny bits and pieces lucky enough to make it through the editorial process.

Also, they've really got to merge the website with the magazine. This separation thing is getting silly. But whatever β€” Eddie's the man who can do it!

Next up: "Save The Buff Books" and "Save Car & Driver, Save The World" T-Shirts!

Photo / Graphic Credit: KORSdesign