The surprising news of Csaba Csere's resignation from Car And Driver opens up one position at the top of magazine. Who should be the new man/woman at the top of the C&D totem poll?

We hear the magazine and its publisher, Hachette Filipacchi Magazines, is conducting a search for the position (i.e. they don't have anyone set to inherit the throne). As mentioned, Car And Driver is a huge moneymaker and a flagship brand for publisher Hachette Filipacchi so they're not just going to give it to anyone. Rumors of Wert being considered for the position can be neither confirmed nor denied, mostly because we just made them up. Therefore, in lieu of hiring our own Ray Wert, we endorse Eddie Alterman.

Ignoring the unfortunate pronouncability of his name, Alterman has a lot going for him. As Editor-in-Chief of Motive and formerly of MPH, he has the experience for the job and brings with him an understanding of how to reach out to the younger audience Car-unt-Driver desperately needs to continue to grow the brand. He's a great writer and has a long resume including contributions to minor publications such as Rolling Stone and The New York Times, as well as esteemed publications like Men's Journal. We seriously hope rumors of Alterman being seriously considered for the position bear fruit.

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