Earn All the Skill Points in Forza with the Formula Drift Car Pack

As much as Forza Motorsport 7 loves lap times, the game isn’t all about nailing the perfect lap. Neither, obviously, is its jump-happy counterpart, Forza Horizon 4. The Formula Drift Car Pack is soon coming to both games and you’ll be able to get sideways to your heart’s content.


Full disclosure: I have always hated the drifting activities in these games. I was never able to keep the drifting going long enough before the inevitable oversteer flipped me around and I lost all the skill points. But maybe you love the drifting and this is great news for you.

There will apparently be seven cars included in the pack. They are:

And if you watch the Twitch stream, you’ll see that, just like with all the other cars in the Forza games, the Formula Drift cars are extremely detailed and realistic. Also, it’s apparently much easier to drift these cars than the normal ones in the game, which is a relief to drifting noobs like me.


If you digitally pre-order Horizon 4, you’ll get the Drift Car pack included. Otherwise, you can get it at launch, available for both Horizon and Forza 7 in the fall. No word yet on pricing.

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Yay. Drifting.

I completed Forza 4 100%, with one achievement requiring a perfect drift. After 1300 races or so, I had one perfect drift for the achievement. One. That’s how little I care. And yet, here’s a damn drift pack for a racing game.

Drifting is stupid. It’s car gymnastics. Any driving series that determines winners on judging instead of who crosses the line first is a waste of gasoline and tires.