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On the spectrum of dumb illegal shit, this is one of the dumbest: shining a laser pointer at a helicopter.


While the Fox31 Denver local news helicopter was covering the morning commute last week, a flash of blue light from a laser pointer entered the cabin, temporarily blinding the traffic reported aboard, the TV station reports. After the police were called, they were able to arrest the man shining the laser pointer and handed him over to the FBI.

The perpetrator admitted to the news outlet, “It was a pretty high-powered laser and I was shining it on the news helicopter and, uh, apparently it ain’t legal and it’s really bad.” He had no idea that he was breaking federal law. He said that he was truly sorry.


Though the news outlet was happy with just the apology, the FBI might not let him off quite so easily.

I will needlessly remind you that shining a laser pointer at any kind of human-operated aircraft is very dangerous should never be done because it could confuse or blind the pilot. Also, it’s very, very illegal.

Let this be a lesson.

Via Popular Mechanics, Reddit

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