These Idiots Pointed A Laser At A Police Helicopter

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If pointing a laser at an aircraft is a bad idea (trust me, it is a very bad idea) then pointing a laser at a police air unit is basically like calling ahead to make yourself a reservation in jail. This video shows three individuals in Vaughan, Ontario doing exactly that. If you’re in the mood for some justice porn today, look no further.

According to CTV, a 19-year-old named Nicholas Caranci racked up the numerous criminal charges as the result of his completely asinine behavior. Caranci will appear in court next month.

Laser strikes on aircraft have become a steadily-increasing problem over the years. In addition to being a major distraction for pilots, lasers can also cause temporary blindness and, in some cases, permanent retina damage. Again, pointing a laser at an aircraft is a really bad idea.


Because laser light retains its energy over long distances, pilots are very susceptible to incurring damage to their eyes. Green lasers (the weapon of choice in this video) are particularly dangerous because the human eye is most susceptible to damage from light in the yellow-green portion of the spectrum.

Laser strikes frequently occur when aircraft are on final approach, which only compounds the danger even further. During this critical time, pilots need to maintain complete situational awareness, especially if they’re simultaneously dealing with inclement weather, crowded airspace or any number of other stressful factors. Adding temporary blindness and confusion into the mix could cause a crash, therefore endangering not only the aircraft and its occupants but untold people and property on the ground.

Don’t point lasers at aircraft, okay?

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Realizing I will piss off a number of people but will ask if a little laser pointer really that dangerous? I have seen a lot of videos and it seems overblown to me.

Not as bad as when the FAA wouldn't let you listen to headphones while landing, but still over blown.