Illustration for article titled Drunk Chinese Firefighter Crashes Brand New $850,000 Firetruck

A Chinese firefighter got drunk recently and decided he wanted to go see the countryside. He grabbed his department's shiny new truck and headed out. Things did not go well.


The International Business Times reported on the incident in Yunlin in the southeast, stating that Chen Huangxin suffered some minor injuries after wrecking the £500,000 truck, though the cars and building he smashed into fared worse.

Explaining his moment of madness, Chen explained he had been suddenly gripped by a wish "to see green fields and trees".


The Times continued with a statement from the department.

A fuming fire brigade spokesman fulminated: "It is hard to think of anything worse he could have done."

"This engine was our pride and joy, the best in our fleet. And he managed to almost destroy it. He will never work again for us."

Shanghaiist posted the above picture and also reiterated that the firefighter was fired.

Photo Credit: Shanghaiist

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