Drunk BMW Driver Severs His Own Foot, Then Gets A DUI

Jon Buna, 31, managed to sever his own left foot at the ankle while recklessly driving his BMW in a Livermore, CA parking lot last week. He was later arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Insult, meet injury.

Buna began driving recklessly with a woman in his two-door BMW last Wednesday afternoon, reports the Contra Costa Times. She got scared and he stopped to let her out.

He started to get out of the car himself and had his left foot out the open door when the car flew in reverse up to 20 miles an hour, striking a trailer, a pole, two rolling storage doors, and finally a dividing cinder block. This severed Buna's foot at the ankle.

At this point, the woman called for help and Buna was later arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Photo Credit: BMW, Bronzino's Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time

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