Drunk 22-Year-Old Crashes Porsche, Kills Two Homeless Men

A drunk 22-year-old girl crashed her Porsche Panamera into a parking lot in Fort Lauderdale, Florida last month, killing two homeless men sleeping there. She then reportedly planned to flee the country.

Alyza Russell lost control of her 2012 Porsche on the night of June 12th, screeching through an intersection, crashing through tall shrubs, and running through a parking lot. She struck two homeless men sleeping there, killing them both. It is unclear if she deliberately tried to flee the scene of the crime, according to grisly accounts of the scene. One man described the events to Local 10 News as "something out of a movie."

I thought it was a clump of dirt under the car, but it was who we call Slim. She went over here and stopped and then she started peeling out, it looked like. She was smoking her tires but she couldn't go anywhere because one guy was locked in the wheel.


A toxicology test later discovered the art student living with parents had a BAC of 0.17, just over double the legal limit in Florida. The police had let Russell go home while they ran the test, and she allegedly planned to flee the country. Local 10 News reports that she told a coworker she was going to flee to Ireland, and the prosecutor in the case stated she made a payment to the British consulate equal to what you need to renew a passport. She has dual citizenship and her family had been planning a vacation there since before the crash.

She turned herself in three weeks after the fatal wreck and was charged with two counts of DUI manslaughter, two counts of unlawful blood alcohol level manslaughter, one count of DUI property damage, and one count of unlawful blood alcohol level property damage.


Her bail was set at $450,000 and she may face a minimum of 15 years in jail for this Gatsby-esque crime.

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