Drone Filming a Wedding Accidentally Catches Footage of a Wild Car Crash

A pair of newlyweds being filmed by a drone as a way to remember their beautiful day in Kyrgyzstan inadvertently caught a heart-stopping crash happen in the background. A red Chevrolet Aveo lost control on the highway and flew directly into a concrete barrier on December 23.

The description of the video doesn’t reveal much about what happened. The driver and passenger of the Aveo were taken to the hospital, although it’s uncertain what condition the two are in. The photos of the accident, though, are pretty terrible, and they don’t leave a lot of room for a very positive hypothesis.


But things could have been a lot worse. Most of the damage was sustained by the rear end of the car, which likely kept both passengers from feeling the full brunt of impact. No other cars were involved, and no one went head-on into a barrier. That feels like a pretty small consolation, though, considering the state of the car after.

While it’s not totally obvious how the driver of the Aveo lost control, it’s important to remember to not drive like a total asshat.

This ain’t the way you want to end up going viral.

H/t Carscoops

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Now that is a wedding crasher.