Driving the New Audi 25quattro Limited Edition A4

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Oh, but to be a single-brand site like Fourtitude — no distractions, just one model line, for good or ill — copious attention lavished by one team of PR folks yearning for a friendly face, a kind word and an eager hand into which to toss the keys of exclusive product. We're not sure all that's true, but it sounds good. Anyway the 4titude gang got to drive Audi's new, limited-edition 25quattro, a $60,000, DTM-themed, factor tuner version of the S4. Is it a mere (heh! mere) toyed-up S4, or is it a Gestalt experience? Check it.

Driven: 2006 Audi S4 25quattro [Fourtitude]

Audi to Offer Commemorative-Edition S4 [internal]


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