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Audi will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the introduction of its quattro all-wheel-drive in the US with a special edition of its S4. It's mainly an academic exersize in option-package tweaking, but it may offer some value to collector types of a particular Touring Car bend.

The company will build only 250 of its new Audi S4 25quattros, which comes with a package that includes a six-speed manual transmission, a custom interior โ€” including carbon fiber inserts and Recaro seats โ€” special badging (S4 badges deleted), and a number of standard chachkes that are optional on the base S4 (i.e., Premium Package โ€” sunroof, homelink, rain sensor, heated front seats; Audio Package โ€” Sirius satellite radio, bluetooth phone prep, and voice control, and Audi Navigation plus System with glovebox six-disc CD changer).

25quattro models will also sport the German Touring Car Championship (DTM) body kit supplied by quattro GmbH, along with and 18-inch 15-spoke DTM wheels with high performance tires. Each of the 250 built, priced at around $62,000-$64,000 (including gas guzzler tax and destination charge), will receive sequential VIN numbers, and will hit dealerships late October/early November 2005.

[Thanks to Dubspeed Racing]

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