Driving Jaguar's Perfect Lightweight E-Type Coupe

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Evo’s latest video demonstrates that owning one of the six new-old Jaguar E-Type Lightweight Coupes means you get all the fun without having to get as dirty as you would in 1964. That’s a good thing.


Rumor has it that Lord March, the one and only person who can invite you to participate at a Goodwood event, won’t necessarily recognize Jaguar’s brand new classic Lightweights as anything else but replicas. That’s despite all that digital scanning, original VIN numbers and period correct building methods. I’m sure the people at Jaguar Land Rover Heritage were sorry to hear that, but in case you just bought one of these babies, not all is lost.


In fact, nothing is since you got yourself a factory original that looks and works the same way as those old race cars with the build quality of a modern Jaguar. The best of both worlds!

This is time travel done right.

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