Driving An F1 Car On The Road Looks Straight Up Awful

Never have I seen a car look quite as uncomfortable as this Red Bull Racing RB8 taking on Tremola Pass in the Alps. Look at it squirm.

Today’s F1 cars are barely cars at all. They’re not really designed to go on a road, they’re designed to cut through perfectly-smooth race tracks at triple-digit speeds, with warm tires, warm brakes and huge downforce.


Watching Sébastien Buemi try to wrangle the car along what most people would see as a dream road—ultra-twisty, tons of hairpins, bumpy, cobblestoned, challenging—looks almost hilariously uncomfortable. That’s for both car and driver.

What would be really fun is to see this Red Bull F1 car compete for the best time on this road against the Ford Fiesta WRC car that Red Bull also sponsors. They could even get a Sébastien to drive that car, too.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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I can’t really tell how comfortable the car is or isn’t because in lieu of employing some cinematographic thought they just relied on 3,000 successive jump cuts to make the footage feel frenetic and dynamic, like a Jason Bourne movie!