Listen to the Ferrari 458 Spider's naturally aspirated V8 and listen to it good, because the next generation might get a turbo just like John Hennessey's, and if that happens, a glorious era will end for good.


There's nothing wrong with the idea of more torque and fewer carbon dioxides set free, and the twin-turbo treatment certainly made the Ferrari California T a much better car than the first generation was.

There's no question that the 458's successor will also be faster and more efficient in every aspect, but the current 4.5 V8 is an engine we'll all remember. It's perfectly in line with the 1.5-liter V6 Alfredo Ferrari designed pretty much on his deathbed with Vittorio Jano back in 1956.

Just push the button, wait 14 seconds, turn the Manettino to 'Race' and enjoy the best of Italian engineering.

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