Driver Hits Two Pedestrians Watching Fireworks While Showing Off In His Truck

The driver jumped the curb after losing control of the truck

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Screenshot: KTLA5

Two women are in critical condition after a man showing off and doing burnouts with his car plowed into people watching a 4th of July fireworks show Sunday night in Anaheim, CA.


Anaheim authorities got a call around 9:30 p.m. Witnesses described a truck being driven erratically had jumped the curb. Unfortunately, two people were hit. Both women suffered from major injuries in the crash. Apparently, the driver was showing off for family members when he lost control, jumped the curb, and hit the two women, according to CBSLA:

The father and husband of the victims asked that his identity not be revealed, but did speak to CBSLA about what he witnessed.

“You know, he was revving it and doing it burn outs and the back end got squirrely. He didn’t have a chance to break, lost control and just slammed into us.”

Other witnesses said they were just sitting in lawn chairs when they heard the revving noises. Rick Torres said some of the people gathered heard someone burning rubber.

“And he just lost control,” Edwin Rosales, another witness added. “The tire caught and he went straight to the people that were actually right here. Boom.”.

The original 911 caller said the driver was doing doughnuts, but the Anaheim police didn’t confirm that detail. Eyewitness report of the driver seemed remorseful following the crash.

 The two women were transported to the local hospital where they remain in critical condition. The driver was released after authorities determined that no drugs or alcohol were involved, although an investigation is still underway.



I can make a few judgements about the driver just looking at the bed of the truck... Which is why I’m not surprised it ended this way.  Basically he was a moron with a one man sideshow.