If your drift car doesn’t come with a stereo system, never fear! Just give a musician a ride.

Occasionally Red Bull likes to remind us that their particular brand of ultra mega extreme WOO YEAH whaaaawrrrrrgggablblblbll caffeinated belch fuel hails from Austria in weird and wonderful ways.


At this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix, Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko wasn’t the only person wearing lederhosen. One of the passengers in Joe Hountondji’s drift car was a local accordion player in full traditional Austrian dress for their take on The Sound of Music.

The Sound of Tire Slaying, perhaps? Sure.

Joe Hountondji drifts with his brother Elias Hountondji on the Red Bull Driftbrothers team. So, of course, they gave the world’s most chill accordion player the ride of his life by whipping out a few sweet tandem drifts on Austria’s Red Bull Ring.

Rule number one of performing: just keep playing, even if you’re getting violently tossed sideways by a flame-spitting drift car full of tire smoke. The accordion dude’s got talent, no doubt.

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