Is This Not The Most Adorable Thing In Racing?

Photo credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Every year, the Formula One Austrian Grand Prix seems to be Red Bull’s opportunity to remind the world that their eXtrEme garbage beverage of choice comes from the central European nation, and to celebrate that heritage. Really, though, look at these matching lederhosen race suits. That’s too much, you guys.

Happy Birthday, Honey Badger! Photo credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images
Photo credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Races at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg tend to be very obviously Austrian. It’s not enough to be racing in the Styrian mountains. No, the grid girls needs to show up in dirndls, too.

This isn’t the first time a lederhosen racing suit has appeared in the wild. Austrian driver Michael Kogler’s version even included a red and white checkered shirt. Besides, if we were going for cutest thing in racing ever, everyone would be instantly silenced by Ryan Hunter-Reay’s kid in a tiny version of his dad’s racing suit.

But for this weekend, when IndyCar is taking a break after a fun show at Road America, Red Bull has stolen the totes adorbs throne. Look, they even did the socks! And the buttons! It’s like they put lederhosen right over their regular racing suits!


That is the most adorable thing you’ll see all week.

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