2016 couldn’t end on a quiet note. No, it had to go ahead and give us another solid candidate for Save of the Year.

Per the video title, this is a Lamborghini Huracán TwinTurbo GTT-900, or in other words, a very rad bad Lambo with stupid amounts of power.


Unfortunately, it was a bit too much for its driver to handle one night at Yas Marina Circuit’s drag strip, causing him to veer into the lane of the Jeep he was up against and nearly crash into the wall. Fortunately, the Jeep was quick enough to already be out of the Lambo’s way, too.

The video’s description only says “Humidity 80%,” so perhaps the track was moist, or maybe it’s just the excuse du jour for losing it.


Either way, I can only imagine the pronounced ridge that was added to the center of the driver’s seat by the sheer clinching force of the buttocks. It’s a huge relief that all the work and cash that went into making this car ultra-powerful wasn’t lost in an instant. Nice save!

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