We already saw a car eat wall right before pit lane, so when everyone saw Red Bull Formula One driver Max Verstappen get loose on lap 39 and start to spin in the same place, we knew we were probably seeing a second-place retirement. Verstappen miraculously got the car straight again and kept going like a boss.

Earlier in today’s race, Sauber driver Marcus Ericsson retired from today’s Brazilian Grand Prix after hitting the slippery white line on the inside of the track just ahead of pit lane, where Verstappen also suffered a big code brown. Ericsson’s spin sent his car into the wall.


Verstappen, however, managed to save his car after it spun almost completely sideways at 190 mph along the pit straight. Holy crap. Better yet, he didn’t even give up second place in the process.

“My heartbeat went a bit higher there,” Verstappen radioed back. Personally, I think a little bit of poo would’ve shot out.

Verstappen’s been driving like a madman as soon as it went back to green. Earlier, he took advantage of the damp conditions to go around the outside of championship leader Nico Rosberg to grab second. Holy crap, he’s a madman today.

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