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DOTS-O-Rama Sunday: Pair-O-Windsor Jeeps

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We're going to wrap up the Canada-themed DOTS-O-Rama Sunday now, with this pair of Jeeps that Schweppes found on the mean streets of Windsor, Ontario. He's also included some bonus shots of an Acura NSX he spied during his travels. Jump to read his description and see the entire gallery.

I found these Jeeps while out for a walk recently and figured they're likely old enough for DOTS. They were parked about a block away from where I shot that Mercedes 250c a couple of months ago so I expect Danio will recognize the neighbourhood. At first I thought they were both CJ7s as the green one is clearly labelled, but on closer inspection the shape of the door frame seems to indicate that the Levi's edition Wrangler is a CJ5. Your guess is probably better than mine as far as model year goes, I had enough trouble figuring out that they were two different models.


As an added bonus there are two extra shots of an NSX I ran into with my film camera. No need to run them if you don't want to, but after a look around on Autotrader I was surprised to find that the NSX is finally old enough to be (almost) affordable, if still a couple of years away from being good LeMons fodder.