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Windsor, Ontario-based Schweppes has given us the Volvo 240Chero and the Forward Control Land Rover, and now he's found what appears to be the least rusty 35-year-old street-driven car in all of Canada. Make the jump to read Schweppes' description of this 1973 Mercedes-Benz 250C.


I realize that I have a ways to go before I catch up with Kitt, but here is another DOTS bonus vehicle for you from Windsor, Ontario. Seeing as this poll indicated that the people want to see more '70s Mercedes-Benz products, this 250 C should be fair game, slotting in right after your '72 280 SEL.

I spotted this particular car while out taking pictures of intersections for a friend who was putting together a traffic engineering presentation based on a work term he did with the city. It seems reasonable to assume that the elderly lady driving it was the original owner, and that the 1973 Ontario plates have been on the car since new. Watching her parking process was a little painful, as she started out trying to park in the space immediately behind my Escort (of 6+ available), changed her mind, made a multi-point U turn in front of traffic (alright, 1 oncoming car), and proceeded to parallel park behind the only vehicle on the other side of the street.

Overall the car appears to be in excellent shape for a 35 year old Canadian resident, with no visible rust, only 1 missing hubcap and a slightly bent up front bumper (hurray for real steel and rubber rub strips - bending the bumper back shouldn't be that big a deal). The interior was also in decent shape, with the only problem being a bit of cracking on the dash pad.


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