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Don't Worry, KITT's New Truck Mode Is Microsoft-Approved

Illustration for article titled Dont Worry, KITTs New Truck Mode Is Microsoft-Approved

We already broke the story on KITT transforming from a GT500KR into a Ford F-150 FX4 pickup truck in the new Knight Rider TV show, but this morning has the scoop on the full story and it's a whopper. Apparently, Exec Producer Gary Scott Thompson and his production team went to Microsoft to help with determining what the future of automobiles looks like. Microsoft, other than focusing on a future where every car comes with Sync and owners pay $100 upgrade fees each year for new Sync XP software updates, came up with the idea of having it shift forms as long as it keeps the same mass. Yes, you know, like how a Mustang and a pickup truck have the same mass. OK, so maybe the rear axles do, but here's what PUTC has to say:


"While many might still groan at a GT500KR that can transform on-the-fly into an F-150, Thompson talked to futurists at Microsoft to find some grounding in reality. Their meetings discussed what cars and trucks might be like in 2030. "They (Microsoft futurists) talked about vehicles being able to maneuver between smaller spaces, meaning it would have to squeeze itself, or it would grow larger or grow bigger wheels to get over a large obstacle. I thought, 'Wow, if these guys are already thinking about this now, then we need to be looking at this.'"

It looks like KITT's new off-road program will become a regular part of Knight Rider. Thompson says we'll see it in two of the first four episodes. There might be other modes on the horizon, too. "As long as we stay within about the same mass, you might see other versions of KITT," says Thompson. "You're not, however, going to see it turn into a huge spaceship," Thompson tells us."


So, getting the Microsoft A-OK on a Mustang GT500KR transforming into a truck sounds like us approaching Jezebel to get their tips on what the laptop of the future will look like. But whatever, because we also hear KITT may transform into other modes which we assume will be other Ford products. Excellent, we can't wait to see what happens when it transforms into a 2009 Ford Focus. []

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So in 2030, we have the technology to basically turn a car into anything we want, and their first choice is a 22-year old Ford Truck?

I guess they must go undercover as gardeners a lot.

This makes as much sense as having 300C's be the cop cars of the future in Island, when they refer to the Cadillac Cien as a classic in the same movie.