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First Video Of KITT Valmorphanizing Into A Ford F-150 FX4 Pickup Truck

Somewhere between "Morphing" and "Transforming" is the very Team America-ish "Valmorphanization." That's the term we feel best using to describe what KITT's doing in this one minute clip from the new Knight Rider TV show premiering September 24th on NBC. As you'd expect, KITT is apparently fitted with a current Ford lineup-limiter, only letting him "valmorphanize" into Ford products. Which explains why he's able to "valmorphanize" into a Ford F-150 FX4 pickup truck rather than the more appropriate "Ranchero" form factor we hoped for when we heard about his plethora of new looks yesterday.


Now we're only left wondering when Ford comes out with a special "Knight Rider" edition F-150. Like the Harley-Davidson version, we're assuming the truck bed won't be big enough to hold KITT. Also, note the Shelby cobra that's part of the TV show's logo. We wonder how many ads Ford had to buy to get that level of a boa constrictor-like grip on the creative process? [Knight Rider]

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noo it was filmed less then 5 miles form me i am tainted... POOR BLIMP HANGERS AT THE FORMER MCAS TUSTIN. What did they do to deserve being befouled like that.