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Don't Feed The Bears Mazda Prototypes

Screencap via IMSA
Screencap via IMSA

The No. 55 Mazda Prototype conked out not once, but twice in front of the marshal bears decorating the fence at Petit Le Mans. Look, guys. Once is a goof, twice is a pattern. Bears are hungry. At Road Atlanta, they’re hungry for cars. Please remember not to feed the bears.


Spencer Pigot in the No. 55 came to a halt after the car randomly died on track. Pigot was able to restart the car eventually and drive to the pits. The No. 55 went back on track after changing its ECU and several sensors, per Mazda Racing.

Then the same car crapped out again at the same turn, again due to a loss of power.

Screencap via IMSA
Screencap via IMSA

Clearly, the teddy bears are out for blood, er, um, oil? Oil, I guess. Out for oil.

This time, the stricken No. 55 drove behind the wall into Mazda’s paddock space after restarting. It has yet to rejoin the field. At least we know it has a fresh fuel pump this time.

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*One bear later found to be hypnotoad in a bear suit