Sebring Marshals Know How To Party

Well, this is one way to keep track of the race when you can only see it from one turn for long periods of time. Here are a couple other little things I found on the photo trail around the track.


I understand the fire extinguisher. I only sort of understand the crowbar. No one's ever turned me loose on a flag stand with a crowbar. Sure, it would help deal with accidents, but I guess no one ever trusts me with handheld sorta-weapons. I can only assume that it's here to keep drunk photographers in line.

Turn 8 has a bear!


My Puffalump has a friend!


Edit: A longtime Sebring visitor I was talking with got the location of the bear wrong. According to TrackBrat, Bear took a sabbatical at Turn 10 for a few years, hence the confusion. The bear was at Turn 8 (according to a marshals' group on Facebook), and was actually visiting from the Netherlands. My Puffalump has several friends, apparently: there are several bears like this that pop up in DTM, WEC and V8 Supercar marshal stands from time to time.


Turn 10, as originally stated, is crazy, though. That's where the chalkboard count was. The Turn 10 clump of fans (and their marshal station) has its own culture that I won't even attempt to explain without having spent extensive time there.

[H/T Russ Golyak for the extra info from the marshals group!]

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