Don't Even Try, Mofo: The Olympia Charger

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There is very little cooler than an old Dodge racecar. There is simply no motorsports event in the world as cool as the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This is fact. You cannot fuck with it, so don't try. You can have your rallies, your demo derbies, your huddled masses at the US Nationals. But you still can't front on the fact that a Dodge Charger running at Le Mans is pretty much the best thing ever. Ever. Even if it's a mid-'70s model. And one did. And it was sponsored by Olympia Beer. There's a picture of us as a baby with a can of Oly in our hand. In our dad's arms. With beer residue on our lips. And there was a Coronet R/T down the street that we pretty much lived for. We love this car so much that we're going to Portland, OR (sloe gin fizz optional) at the end of the month to see the thing in person. It's our destiny. We're even gonna wear our red Chuck Taylors.

Olympia Charger

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