Don't Believe Anyone Who Tells You They Know The Stig's Identity

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Last week we opined that the Gordon Shedden might be The Stig. It was a wild guess, but the shameless British media took our guess and decided it was reality. They were wrong. Everyone's wrong.


The anonymity that the people at Top Gear give their "tame racing driver" is one of their great assets and, I'm guessing, huge pains in the ass. That people constantly lose their shit over the identity of The Stig brings them a lot of attention but, at the same time, is sort of a dumb distraction.

After the drama over the last Stig's departure, we've heard from sources that the producers at the BBC have found a way around their problem.

Remember, the Top Gear producers aren't dumb. They're the opposite of dumb. They've done what no one else has been able to do: Make everyone care about cars.

What we're hearing from people familiar with the series and other journos is that Top Gear has been playing a shell game with The Stig in an attempt to confuse us and give them ultimate deniability.


According to sources there is no one Stig, there are multiple Stigs.

So it's possible that BTCC driver Gordon "Flash" Shedden is The Stig, although I'm not actually sure. We've also heard the name of a certain stunt driver subbing in for certain tapings.


I'm not convinced enough of any specific name we've heard to say that, yes, they are one of The Stigs. One person will say "of course" to X driver and then another will say "no." It's even possible I'm wrong and all of these "multiple Stig" rumors were designed to screw with me and there's one Stig, laughing his ass off about all of this.

All I can say for sure is that Top Gear is trying to outsmart the press and, so far, they're succeeding.


Tom McParland

Yeah...perfect ploy...we all know you are the Stig, Matt and you are just writing this to divert attention away from you...I'm on to you Hardibro.