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Like many of you, I will often pass the time browsing CarMax listings to see what kind of questionable automotive purchases I could get with a MaxCare warranty. Sometimes some real gems will appear, and sometimes life plays cruel jokes on you.


A reader sent me a tip that not one, but two Aston Martins were listed for sale on CarMax. So naturally, I had to get the scoop.


Only to find out that the 2012 Aston Martin DBS for the amazing price of $11,998 bore a strange resemblance to a Nissan Sentra and that the 2016 Vanquish for a very reasonable $43,998 looked suspiciously like a Toyota Tundra.

I think whoever enters the listings is probably a Jalopnik reader with a sense of humor, as it also appears that there are 69 Porsches for sale. Nice.


Shame on you, CarMax! This will be the last time you fool me, until the next time.

(H/t to Patrick Q!)

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