German magazine Sport-Auto just published, then deleted a video of them whipping the new 950-horsepower LaFerrari on country roads and Ferrari's Fiorano test track. Do they now owe Ferrari seventy grand?

It all stems from Ferrari serving journalists with a contract that would charge them 50,000 Euro if they released a review of their hybrid hypercar before a set date and time. That embargo is supposed to lift at 18:00 EST tonight, or about an hour after Sport-Auto posted their video.


You can watch the video right here, probably immediately pulled before the original YouTube vid passed a few hundred views.

As you can tell, the video is no Chris Harris review. Hell, it's not even up to MotorTrend standards. There's no talking, so you might say it's not technically even a review.

But Sport-Auto still took their version down. What do you think? Should Ferrari ask them for a check?

(Hat tip to to911!)

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