We've seen loads of pictures of the 2014 Corvette. We know the specs. But we don't yet know how much it costs. However, this contest from General Motors may shed a little light on that.

As pointed out over at the Corvette 7 forum, GM is currently running an online contest where you can enter to win the C7 'Vette as well as a trip to the 24 Hours of LeMans in France. The contest's official rules puts the approximate retail value of the Corvette being given away as $71,860. (The trip to LeMans is priced at $10,750, putting the total contest value at $82,610.)

So does this mean the upcoming Corvette will cost around $70,000? Maybe. The problem here is we have no idea what kind of options are included on the car that's being given away.

A base model 2013 Corvette coupe starts at just under $50,000. Check nearly every box when you configure it online like I did and you can hit $71,000 pretty easily. It's safe to assume then that the Stingray being given away will be a pretty loaded one.


I take all of this to mean that the price of the C7 Corvette probably won't be too far off from the outgoing C6. And that's a good thing, since the Corvette is supposed to be about bang for your buck. We'll see how accurate this is when Chevy releases the official pricing.

Hat tip to Tom!