(All images: Ford)
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This is the Police-Spec 2016 Ford F-150 Special Service Vehicle. Just like a regular Ford F-150, except soon it will smell like blood, commercial disinfectant and spilled coffee.

The cop-spec F-150 is honestly a pretty basic setup; just a vinyl-floor’d XL work truck that can be configured as a SuperCab extended cab or SuperCrew four-door, with a 5.0 V8 or turbocharged 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6, with or without 4WD.

The “cop accessories” from the Ford factory are just a 240-amp alternator to comfortably power a lot of accessories at idle, vinyl rear bench seat for easy cleaning and a center console delete so police departments can pick their own configuration.


Interesting upfits like the backseat dog house and bulletproof partition will be up to the aftermarket to provide.

My hometown in Massachusetts got an F-150 police vehicle in 2004 when Ford was first returning to a more square bodystyle, and man did that thing look mean.


It didn’t see a lot of off-road action but a pickup truck is actually a pretty solid choice for police work, especially in a peaceful area where the cops are more likely to be called in on emergency branch-clearing duty than respond to a high-speed pursuit.

These new Fords are going to be amazing grabs when they go to auction in five or ten years. Stripped-down V8 with a huge alternator and tons of mounting points for accessories? Sounds like the perfect chase truck!


You can expect to see these new Ford F-150s protecting and serving soon, and if they’re anywhere near as popular as the Interceptor Utility (Explorer) has been I think you’ll start seeing them a lot.