In general, the cars we prefer are the performance-minded versions of pedestrian models. We'd rather have an R32 than a standard Rabbit and we'd rather have a Mazdaspeed3 than a Mazda3 sedan. But this doesn't mean that every souped-up model is a lock. Does anyone really need or want a crew cab Dodge Ram SRT-10? Does the Mercedes Vito van really need a Sport X model? We love the Turbo Dodge Caravan, smart move Chrysler. Though we're tempted to ask Lexus what they were thinking with the Lexus IS-F. Does anyone really want that car?

Most of these performance versions at least tweak the output of these vehicles, but what about vehicles like the 50th Anniversary Edition Impala that offer no real performance increase but just tape, badges and tweaked interiors? What are the best? What are the worst? What needs a performance version? What needs to get rid of one?