Dad's Turbo Dodge Caravan

From the 800-dollar turbocharged minivan department comes this 1989 Dodge Caravan SE with genuine simulated woodgrain trim. Along with doing toasty burnouts, the minivan has run the quarter mile in 12.65 seconds at Route 66 Dragway thanks to a set of slicks and 24 pounds of boost pushing through the stock 140K plus miles mill. The initial 800-dollar purchase price has been long-forgotten after all the modifications required to get the Iacocca Special into the 12-second zone. This guy figures if a 14-second minivan can beat most cars on the road, then a 12-second minivan can beat them all! [Dad's Turbo Minivan Bonanza]


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My first car was an 84 Caravan with a 5speed, but sadly no turbo. Seeing this video reminds me of many nights hooning up the Denny's parking lot in Essington. I miss that van. It would never get close to 12s, but, to borrow a phrase from Verbal Kint, real power doesn't come from guns or knives or drugs (or turbos). Real power comes from having the will to do what the other guys won't.