Does Chevy Need a Four-Door Corvette?

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It's a fait accompli Aston Martin and Porsche are launching a pair of low-slung, coupe-like sedans — the Rapide and Panamera, respectively — and whispers of a similar BMW peaked on arrival of the company's CS concept. Does that mean a new sub-class of touring sedan will be the latest must-have for sport-minded automakers? Probably. But a four-door Corvette? This week, Automotive News's Rick Kranz makes a case for Chevrolet to join the four-door coupe soiree by limo-izing its signature sports car. Purists would balk, he says, just as Porsche devotees will likely roll their eyes at the Panamera (though they've already had their first fainting spell with the Cayenne). And he even quotes GM's Bob Lutz as making the connection between the Porsche and Corvette brands, though no plans are in the works to follow its lead. What's more, if GM ever did stretch the 'Vette platform, Kranz says, it could be used for a desperately needed Cadillac flagship. But while it's not a completely hairbrained idea, we're going to have to side with the purists on this one. But the Cadillac? That's the one to build.

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caddy already has has a flagship based on the corvette (xlr).

And bmw already has 4 door sports cars (335i, 550i m5 etc).

Having a badge enginnered vehicle to fill every possible category and niche at every given time is a sure route to mediocrity and there's already plenty of that in the industry.

If GM wanted to do the US auto-market a favor they'd build a fwd econonbox that didn't suck and sell it in the US.

stretching a sports-car (corvette) from 105 inch wheelbase to something longer makes it less of a sports car. and bolting on some crap isn't going to help with the weight, the xlr is already 600 lb's heavier than a regular corvette. a modern rear suspension setup would be nice however.